Ultrasound Fairy

CHICKASHA, OKLAHOMA — Future moms and dads step through her hole-in-the-wall and into a kind of magical fairy domain, at least that’s what Sara Riley hopes they’re thinking.

“Here is your tiara,” she says to Stephanie. “And here is some fairy dust.”

Dressed in wings and a homemade costume RIley says, “If you’ve ever wondered what your fairy godmother looks like, this is it right here.”

She’s a self-confessed former hippie with a flair for the dramatic.

Sara specializes in seeing into the future.

She takes ultrasound snapshots of babies way before they’re born.

“I’ve been doing ultrasounds for about 20 years,” she says. “I never get over how cool it is that we can actually see what they look like.”

The Varela family, Stephanie and Eduardo, are still a few months away from seeing their first child face to face, but they and the future grandparents too, didn’t want to wait.

“This is certainly a lot better than just a flat picture,” says Stephanie’s father who came in to see his new grandson months before the actual due date.

“Very relaxing. I enjoyed it.” says Stephanie.

“More personal,” says future dad Eduardo.

First time mom Danielle King came in just a little while later.

She already has her baby girl’s name picked out.

“Madison Rebecca Grace,” she says.

She also has a face to put with the name thanks to Bubbie’s Bebes.

“I love the fairy theme,” she says. “It’s different than a hospital view.”

A first time visitor remarks, “It’s the same picture but in a different frame.”

“Yeah,” chuckles Danielle.

This is Ruby Zubiate’s first baby as well.

Her boy is due in a couple of weeks.

Ruby would be in here every day to see her baby if she could.

She says, “Ultrasounds really do mean a lot because you get to see what your little one looks like.”

Riley adds, “I wanted it to be a fun place and not another clinical setting. I just wanted to be different.”

It won’t be long before sleep deprivation and smelly diapers take over.

Sara doesn’t have a magic wand for any of that.

She only has the wand she holds which predicts the brightest of futures.

Bubbie’s Bebes is located in the back room of Emma’s Essentials, a children’s clothing store, in downtown Chickasha.


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