Ultrasound Preparation

32 oz of water or diluted Tea, or non caffeinated and non carbonated beverages daily, along with their regular liquid intake.. This will create optimal hydration of the Mother’s body tissue and a healthy amniotic luid level, which will usually lead to better imaging your of baby. If you are NOT diabetic, a small serving of a sweet snack or fruit juice , chocolate, etc, will provide energy for active fetal movement during your ultrasound. All things in moderation! These are suggestions only, not medical advice.


2D ultrasounds can start as early as 16 weeks gestation and continue to term. We can usually determine gender at 17 weeks during a 2D sonogram. This is a great time to see the baby kick and turn.

A 2D ultrasound provides images of your baby through sound waves. Bubbie requests that all expectant mothers that come in for a 2D ultrasound have a full bladder. The optimal time to come in for a 2D Ultrasound is 16 plus weeks.



A 3D ultrasound can be obtained at any time during pregnancy, however the optimal time to have a 3D Ultrasound is between 18 and 26 weeks. Earlier pregnancy ultrasounds allow mothers to see more complete images of their baby. Later 3D baby ultrasounds reveal improved facial features since the developing fat layer enhances these images. It is important to remember that all images are dependent on the baby's position, movement, size, and the amount of surrounding amniotic fluid.



A 4D Ultrasound (or 4D Live Motion Imaging) is the continuous three-dimensional scanning of the baby with a simultaneous visualization of the A, B, and C planes. This revolutionary quad-beam technology, which obtains 3D images in Real-Time up to 25 volumes per second, goes beyond the boundaries of traditional ultrasound and opens the 4th dimension of Real Time so that you can see your baby moving in 3D.

If you are interested in a 4D sonogram, can provide 4D ultrasound through live motion capture technology. We capture these treasured images on DVD, CD-ROM. By providing you with high quality digital images it’s easy to share your ultrasounds with friends and relatives via the internet. The optimal time for a 4D ultrasound is between 18 and 26 weeks of gestation and can be generated on our calendar.



We want you to know as our Customer and our Customer’s Prenatal Care Provider: Bubbie and Associates care about our customers! We are passionate about babies and Moms having happy, healthy, flourishing lives. We strive to provide avenues of bonding, positive support, from a technically professional aspect, and we also want to be a liason between our Mothers and area Services that may help them find great deals on consignment Baby furniture, clothing, parenting classes, Mother Blog spots, etc…

  • BUBBIE’S BEBES requires that all our customers are receiving ongoing prenatal care. Proof of this care must be verified by the customer’s Physician with a signed permission slip provided them on our website. It may be downloaded and carried to or faxed to their physician. We can fax that form to your Physician if requested. Open communication will enable your physician to contact us with any questions.
  • ONLY experienced ARDMS® registered Sonographers perform our 2D, 3D, or 4D Prenatal Ultrasound Scans. Our Sonographers have completed an accredited ultrasonography program. Bubbie (your Fairy Sonog-mother) is a Medical Professional with nearly 20 years of clinical experience. She is registered with the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography® and utilize standard Protocols. In addition, to maintaining current skills, all our Sonographers maintain continuing medical education credits. Standardized accreditation and training ensures consistent safety and quality.
  • Our Medical Director reviews the Ultrasound scans performed in our studio, and is a practicing, Board certified Radiologist. BUBBIE’S BEBES adheres to applicable State and Federal regulations regarding Medical Device use and Reporting. Abnormal findings are not disclosed to our customers but reported to the customers Physician by our Medical Director.
  • We have our brochures in prenatal bags at Grady Memorial Hospital and have trusting relationships with the OB/GYN Physicians there.
  • We need to inform Customers that many factors are involved when producing quality images. We use Mindray cutting edge Ultrasound equipment, used only by qualified ARDMS® Sonographers to obtain the best images. However, there are factors out of our control that can impact the clarity or quality of the images, namely: Fetal positioning, maternal tissue and hydration, fetal activity, and gestational age.
  • Studies have shown that an ultrasound can cause marked improvement in the Mother’s health habits and positively lead parents to bond with their baby. These expectant mothers tend to improve their diets, exercise more, and eliminate poor habits such as smoking. Other key benefits can be paternal involvement, family support, empathy, and appreciation.
  • We have a Medical Director that reviews scans, and personally contacts the customers Physician in an emergency situation or if concern is indicated.

Our goal is to continue our commitment to providing quality Ultrasound imaging, and a positive, joyful experience to our Customers, in context with their ongoing Prenatal care. We believe that expectant parents and their families will further bond with their baby through a safe, fun, supportive Ultrasound experience. We welcome your feedback.