The Sonogram Fairy

Jessica Lane
Staff Writer
The Express-Star

Walking into Bubbie's Bebes is like walking into a corner of Neverland.

The decor echos a Tolkien fantasy of oversized flowers, fairies peeking from hiding places and toadstools. There is a canopied bed in the middle of the room where expectant mothers not only receive a sonogram but can wear a tiara as they are sprinkled with fairy dust from real life fairy godmother, Sara Riley.

Riley specializes in 4D ultrasounds in a whimsical setting. With a flowers in her hair, sheer green fairy wings and wearing tall fringed boots, Riley looks like Tinkerbell's edgier sister.

Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, Riley has been a registered sonographer for about 20 years, 10 of those at Grady Memorial Hospital in Chickasha. While working at the hospital was a good career, she said, her creative spirit wanted to do something different.

It was a big move for Riley, one that was not without risks. However she said it would be worse not to be true to herself.

Everything seems to have magically fallen into place, Riley said. When Emma's Essentials" owner, Jessica Williams, allowed Riley to rent the space, she was surprised to get the whole back room. Riley said she is grateful to Williams. The two have known each other for 10 years.

"Everything came together," Riley said. "It feels like what I'm supposed to do."

Riley said it saddens her when she hears about expectant mothers who do not have a good experience during an ultrasound. Her aim is to make the experience fun while making mothers feel special.

The expectant mother can view the results on a large flat screen which can be seen from the bed. The lighting is soft. Riley said she often plays the "Sugar Plum Fairy" to add to the ambiance.