Who Is Bubbie:

My name is Sara Riley. I have been a registered Sonographer for about 20 years, 10 of those in Chickasha. WHY did I name my 4-D Ultrasound business BUBBIE’S BEBES? The name Bubbie is a term of endearment meaning “Grandma”. That is the name we called my maternal Grandmother. My Bubbie was my first best friend, teacher, comforter, and second mother. She had a profound impact on my development. Now that I am a Grandmother, my greatest joys are the 6 little people who call me Mimi.

I decided to make our Ultrasound studio fun. My room, my rules. I am not a Doctor, so I didn’t want a Doctor’s office feel. I am not a franchise, which means I can do my own thing. When my three daughters were small they were fascinated with Faeries (or Fairies as it is also spelled). My girls are in their 20’s and 30’s now, but not much has changed in the world of children. I found a perfect spot inside EMMAS ESSENTIALS where I created a safe, snug forest faery Nursery. It is a magical place, where Mommies are treated as the royalty they are. Instead of scrubs, I get to wear what I want to work; cool wings, a flower crown, and groovy boots. At BUBBIE’S I become you and your child’s personal Fairy Godmother! Don't expect Tinkerbelle. I am more like the Grandma in Hoodwinked. But if you cross a fairy like Tiger Lily with an old Hippie, and add some fairy dust…poof! BUBBIE! And we believe that the saying "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world".

BUBBIE loves babies and so we give a gift to every child we welcome to our Nursery. Baby girls receive a newborn Tiara; boys a small Faery wand to remind them both that the most important thing, Love, is magical.

I am grateful for your warm response to my opening a door for 4-D Ultrasound in Chickasha. I know clinically, that a loved and happy Mommy, makes for calmer, more content children; that in turn sets the tone for who those children become in the Global community.

Peace is important to the health of this Planet, as well as Mother and Child.


Bubbie’s Philosophy: Public Service

I am passionate about empowering young Moms and children to actualize their potential through pooling resources, information and encouragement. 30 years ago, I was a battered wife, who finally left a bad marriage, and raised 3 young daughters as a single mother. I made it because of my Mom, making strong friendships, and taking risks (like going back to school).

I want you to have a unique fun experience at a price you can afford. I am not a franchise, I am the only Faery Godmother 4-D there is, and I have a cool room and ridiculously flexible hours.

I have 20 years of experience and keep my credentials current. I pool everything I have gleaned as a technical expert and a thorough diagnostician. Being a Sonographer is a massive responsibility. Your Sono-Mother will look your baby over well, and your study will be seen by our Medical Director, a Board certified Radiologist, who will look at the exam as an added precaution. That’s a plus. If anything of concern is seen, our Radiologist will personally contact your physician.

Nearly 1/2 of the money you pay for your exam goes to other support people who are connected with the exam from Radiologist to image storage, Ultrasound equipment, Supplies, and rent. I could charge more but I choose not to. I prefer to keep it affordable to more people.

You will get a CD/DVD of all the images I take. If I can’t get it because the baby is not in a good position, I let you come back for one second attempt free. I let you email or print the pictures want yourselves. That keeps your cost down AND tax free. I am selling a service, not retailing photos, etc…

Therefore my emphasis is not to give you stuff you DON’T need. I am unique in that I provide state of the art imaging (a luxury) AND follow up resource information that you CAN utilize in raising a family. I want to help low to moderate income families make their money stretch. Who needs a Teddy Bear if you can’t pay your propane bill?

Giving birth is easy. RAISING a human being to become an educated, self-aware, responsible, individualized Person that is a contribution to Society is HARD! And EXPENSIVE! I don’t know everything, but I DO know some things, or I may know other people that know what you need. Networking relationships is often what will help people the most. My Website will help you find resources. Bubbie really is a Tree Hugging, Social Justice Activist, Flower Child. I won’t just take your money, and give you pictures. I care about the quality of your Scan, yes, but also the quality of your care and life. I care that your kids that are going to be governing this country after I am gone. The formation of their lives will trickle down, and create the warp and weave of our future government. Building character is hard work, especially if you are a single mother. I believe that it is easier to do that if you and your children are eating.

I have always thought that the word “relationship” is the most important word in the English vocabulary. This is my personal philosophy and out of it, the philosophy of how BUBBIE'S BEBES will do business. Your trust matters to me, to us. And our concern doesn't end when we hand you a DVD.


Education and Certification

UAMS Little Rock, Ar.
Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc), Diagnostic Medical Sonography/Sonographer and Ultrasound Technician
1995 – 1997

UAMS Little Rock, Ar.
Bachelor of Science (BS), Radiologic Technology/Science - Radiographer
Activities and Societies: ARDMS, ASRT, SDMS, ARRT
1993 – 1995

Ouachita Baptist University
Home Economics/Nutrition
1976 – 1978