Life begins in a dark, mysterious place: the Womb.

There, LOVE, the oldest magic of all, created Bubbie. Bubbie lives today in her ancient forest Nursery, hidden from the eyes of Man, and keeps loving vigil over a tiny brood of newborn Faeries until they are ready to find the human baby whose birth caused their own. For EVERY boy and girl has their own Faery! The human world has forgotten much of the old magic, but ALL of the of the Magical world knows that “When the first baby laughed for the very first time, that laughter broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about. And THAT was the beginning of Faeries.” (J Barre- from Peter Pan)

From her rocking chair, in this beautiful but hidden Nursery, Bubbie reigns as Godmother of the Faerie World, now an endangered species. She does this through love and laughter. So when Adam’s race finds their infants cooing and laughing for no apparent reason, you can bet they aren’t alone! Bubbie has come to play!!! Laughter keeps the oldest Magic, and the Faerie World alive.

At BUBBIE'S see your wee one laugh for the very first time! But be warned! There be Faeries there!

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